Catchup from June (and Baseball)

Forever climbing and getting into situations. I’m surprised this girl hasn’t had more falls. She’s actually not bad at climbing down though. While at the playground she got herself into a few spots when I thought she was sure to fall but both times she used some strength, and/or some smarts to get herself safely up or down.


Who wouldn’t love shopping with these three. Always an adventure. Ethan really wanted to ride in the car too, but it made it a bit crowded. Sara had fallen asleep in the car and would have been happy to stay that way.


Ethan loves to learn. We were taking a little walk during Drew’s piano lesson and discovered a plant that I didn’t know the name of and Ethan wanted to know what it was. It is so easy to forget how we learned new facts before the internet. After a quick Google search we discovered it was plant commonly referred to as lambs ear. Later in the walk we came across a yard in need of a cutting. So Ethan asks what it is and I respond ‘weeds’. Then came the request. “Can we grow this in our yard?”. (Side note: I love that my kids feel comfortable wearing just about anything, anywhere. Today Ethan located a wizard costume and was loving wearing it most of the day.)


That walk was along a busy street so there was no way I was going to let Sara walk without holding my hand. Sara wanted nothing to do with my hand, but she was more than happy to take Lindsay’s. Even after Lindsay tried to pull Sara along to fast and she tumbled to the ground, Sara popped back up, took her sisters hand, and continued on.


The boys were having fun climbing the tree in our front yard. I thought it might be fun to get a picture of all four kids. Unfortunately that is not an easy task, but three out of four isn’t bad.


Drew’s teacher kept the class busy for the last few months of school by learning about Shakespeare and then acting out a shortened version of Romero and Juliet. Drew had a blast and the whole class did a great job with their parts. Drew ended up with the part of Frier Lawrence. He had a free speaking parts that were long and he did a great job memorizing all his lines.


Baseball season keeps our family busy. I figured we could sign Lindsay up for tee ball since Ethan was already playing anyway. She did great for being her first organized sport activity and I think she has a lot of fun. Both boys improved greatly. Ethan was just about hitting of coach pitches by the end of the season. Even though he couldn’t decide if he wants to be a left or right handed hitter, I guess he’s just starting the switch hitting early. Drew is doing great hitting and got some stronger hits in this year. He is also getting better at fielding. His highlights were when he participated in getting someone out. During the last game he even caught a line drive.

DSC_0336 DSC_0282 IMG_1471 IMG_1475 DSC_0293

And of course you can’t resist the messy photos. Sara fulling enjoyed someone else’s sugar cookie and was not giving it up.


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Catchup from May

We visited a touch-a-truck day and carnival with friends.  All the kids had a blast seeing a fire-truck, an ambulance, a police car, a trash truck, and even a school bus up close.  Lindsay was very excited to get her face painted as a pink cat, and the boys each got their painted with camouflage.  Speaking of boys, Ethan looks a little to happy to be in the back seat of a cop car.



I got to attend a Mother’s Day Tea at Ethan’s preschool.  He and his classmates did a wonderful job singing for  us.  Here he is showing off his self decorated pot (that he let me have) and flower that he than claimed was his and has taken responsibility to plant and care for at home.


I am attempting to get things out of our house that we no longer need.  Sometimes it is only 1 box or toy at the time.  Poor Sara never really got to ride this horse much and she probably could have gotten more use out of it, but here she is saying hello and goodbye to the rocking horse.


Preschool is done for the year. Ethan had two wonderful teachers this year. He is very excited to be heading to kindergarten in the fall, and Lindsay is excited to be going to “Ethan’s” school next year.


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Catchup from April

This gallery contains 10 photos.

This little girl is getting so big. She wants to do anything that her older siblings do. Her hair is growing in much faster than Lindsay’s did so I can actually put her hair in ponytails. At the school book … Continue reading

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Bunch of Videos

Ethan loves to check out all he pictures on my computer and he recently found a video from a few years ago of the boys playing with effects and the webcam.  Of course that led to more current videos, but here are just a few.  The first is from 2 years ago, and the second more recent.  (PS.  Sorry the first is a bit long, I kept meaning to just take clips from it but haven’t gotten around to it so you get the full video.)

This week I was reading with Drew and Sara was playing with the horses on the chest in front of us so I caught some of it on video.  She recently figured out the kissing sound and loves to kiss the air or random toys.

The last I have for now is also Sara.  She will share with us words she knows when asked and somehow the kids taught her this silliness.  Of course now she’ll do it for the laughs.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I hope your able to enjoy the videos.

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From My Phone

Having a usable camera on my phone is handy, but I’m afraid the quality isn’t even close to what I can get with the little camera let alone the good one.  But here are a few pics captured on my phone. 


The girls both got their first hair cuts at a salon.  Nothing big, just trimming but kinda cool anyway.  One of the girls actually took Lindsay while I was still getting my hair cut, but she did great even see when we couldn’t see her.  I wasn’t able to get a shot of Sara since they trimmed her hair while sitting on my lap.



Most weeks we attend story time at the library and usually it is a few stories and a simple craft but once a month they have a math and science one.  Last month they had a story time involving bubbles and one of the activities was bubble art.  Both Ethan and Lindsay had a lot of fun blowing bubbles to pop on their paper.


I’ve had a few chances lately to spend some one on one time with Sara.  On this particular day Blair took the older kids to Pop’s train club.  At one point Sara looked out the window longingly then went and got her coat and have it to me.  When I asked if she wanted to go outside she got all excited so we went out for a bit.  I love this age because they love to explore and everything seems new.  We had another similar day yesterday. Blair took the older kids to see the Lego movie and Sara and I enjoyed a walk around the block.  There are small piles of snow left from the last storm.  Sara loved picking up some snow and squishing it in her hands or stepping into the snow and flattening it with her foot.
Sara is not saying a while lot we understand, though she does love to talk.  She has now realized though that there are ways to get her message across.  She still gets excited when she is communicating and she realizes we understand.  The down side is that she becomes more frustrated and upset when she doesn’t get what she wants.  At the grocery store this week we picked up a block of cheese.  I made the mistake of letting Sara Hope it because then she wanted some and started to fuss when I tried explaining that she would have to wait.


Lindsay has joined the minecraft world.  Is fun to see how different each child is.
Lately Drew has been playing his creative world where he is creating his own village.  He’s built multiple houses and some other things like a roller coaster and more recently a Lincoln memorial.  (They must have studied that recently at school.).
Ethan knows how to play but his world isn’t very thought out.  His house is made of a wide variety of materials and I think is mostly halls or tunnels instead of a room or two.  Around his house is also difficult to navigate because there are many trenches where he dug to get materials for building or fence that he put up for the few animals he has.  Just this last week he has really started to create some organization to his world.  He added a second floor to his house and surprisingly it is all made of some bricks.  He also asked me how to spell a few things and now has a few signs up that say ‘cow farm’, ‘sheep farm’, and ‘chicken coop’.
Lindsay is simply learning to use the mouse and keyboard she loves to run and jump around.  She also loves to plant.  I helped her chop down multiple trees just so we could get some saplings for her to plant.  After helping her build a house she planted flowers inside.  She put touches all around the house because it was fun, but then took them all down because she said it needed to be dark at night when she sleeps.


We recently discovered The Piano Guys.  They have a nice collection of fun videos to watch.  It makes for some easy bedtime entertainment where I can control the time by simply saying we’ll watch one or two or five little videos.  It somehow is extra fun to watch it from mom and dad’s bed instead of on the computer downstairs.


Poor Sara.  After the last snow storm I need to get some milk and eggs.  Because of the delayed opening of school I didn’t out and shopping till 11.  Sara was so tired so I put a blanket down for her head and just let her sleep in the shopping cart.


Sometimes the kids like to match.  The other day Lindsay picked out matching shirts for she and Sara and the boys came downstairs totally matching too so I had to take a picture.  Maybe we should see if their tie die shirts from last summer still fit so they all can match.

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Monthly Post

OK, this is sad that it has been a month since I last posted.  I really need to be better about this.  But in the mean time here is a dump of photos from the camera.  (Hopefully I’ll get some more soon from the phone.)

Jan 16

Sara is our little climber.  She loves to climb on chairs, the table, the couch, the piano, the chest, the shelves in the fridge, ect.  She’s getting quite good at the stairs so I’ve given up on trying to block her from going upstairs.  If I hear her heading up I usually ask one of the kids to close the bathroom door though.

Sara is starting to communicate more too.  I was reading an animal book the other day and she tried repeating some of the animal sounds.  I understood moo, baa, and ow (for meow).  There may have been a neigh and a grrr or two in there too.  She is also aware that we can understand her desires at times.  I was reading on the couch the yesterday and she brought me her coat.  I asked if she wanted to go outside and she replied ‘ya’ and got excited so we got out and enjoyed the nice weather we’ve had this weekend.

Jan 20-1

Drew has been a huge help lately.  He has always enjoyed reading to his younger siblings, and Sara loves taking advantage of that.  But in the past week or two he has taking Sara while I’m trying to get stuff done in the kitchen without being asked.  I was impressed the other day when I dropped him off at school that he held the door for 3 or 4 other kids.  He is also a growing boy though and learned this week how to make a farting sound with his hand/armpit, and he loves to show us.

Jan 20-2

Drew lost 2 bottom teeth a while back and the adult teeth have grown in.  Then he lost a bunch more in a short amount of time.  This was a the first of 3 top teeth to come out, the other 2 came out just a day or to later.  The following week he lost a bottom tooth.  I often call him toothless Drew.

Jan 18   Jan 22

We recently purchased Minecraft for Blair and my computers.  The boys love it and so do I.  I’ve created my own world and enjoy playing on my own.  The boys each have their own world and also play online while skyping with another friend.  It is fun to watch them get excited and yell to one another with their headsets on.  I also love it for it’s motivational powers.  Drew is more likely to get his reading done on the weekends and get him homework done as soon as he gets home from school.  I’ve also been known to require Ethan to help with chores before getting screen time.

Feb 3-1    Feb 3-2

During one of the big snowfalls the kids got out and did some building.  Our neighbors next door have 4 boys, the youngest of which is Drew’s age.  The older boys are great about letting our kids join them when everyone is outside playing.  On this particular day they rolled a few huge snow balls with a little help from Drew and Ethan then I got a photo of our boys on top.  Ethan wanted to build his own snowman in our yard so Lindsay and I helped him roll up the snowballs and stack them.  After I went in the snowman tipped over and Ethan worked hard on his own to rebuild a 2 snow ball snowman and then added the carrot nose, top hat, scarf, and button eyes/mouth.  I was amazed that Ethan stayed out by himself for a good hour I think.  (Though I must admit, it was Drew who did that during the last snowfall.)

We also collected snow during this storm and tried making the snow icecream.  Lindsay and I weren’t all that fond of the taste, but Ethan loved it.  I saw some recipes online for snow cones instead of icecream and may have to try that another time.

Feb 23-1    Feb 23-2    Feb 23-3    Feb 23-4

To date we’ve had 5 snow days and who knows how many delayed openings (I haven’t really counted those). We got a break in the cold weather for a few days and got to enjoy the outdoors today. We visited a local nature center and got to see a bunch of deer and wild turkeys too. We stayed on the road since the trails were still snow covered or muddy. It was a nice place and we’ll have to return as the weather warms up more. I’m glad we got out today though since the cold and more snow are supposed to return this week.

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Dancing to the Princess Music



So I’m not doing the photo a day, which is actually a bit of a relief.  But of course I have to take photos so here are a few to share.

IMG_1027 IMG_1028

I told Ethan it would be best to build the train tracks on the table, but I think they can build them bigger on the floor and maybe it is easier access, so that is where he and Drew put together some track.  They of course had to somehow keep Sara away from it while they were playing which was not easy and somewhat frustrating for them.  As soon as they were off doing something else, Sara was more than happy to try playing with them herself.  And since 1 year olds don’t really play trains well, she simply had fun destroying the track.

IMG_1031 IMG_1033

First snow day of 2014, second for the school year.  (I’m still surprised that the school doesn’t plan for any snow days.  They’ve already canceled holidays that were supposed to be days off in Feb and March. Next up is taking away days from spring break (which I’m sure will happen because today is another snow day.
We spent the day decorating cookies and playing/shoveling outside. I love how the cookies are decorated in 3-D when the kids are first learning to spread the frosting. Lindsay joined the boys outside with her new snow pants, they really make a huge difference.

IMG_1041 IMG_1036 IMG_1039

Lindsay is able to sit through an entire movie these days so we introduced her to a few Disney princess movies over Christmas break. She loves the princesses so we created a Disney princess channel on Pandora that she loves to listen to and dance with.

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